CD - Edgar Gabriel's StringFusion "Not Radio Material"

Edgar Gabriel's STRINGFUSION CD entitled “Not Radio Material” released in 2008 is an LP of 11 original works in the styles of: Funk, R&B, Latin Jazz, Post Bop Jazz, Blues, Fiddle, Gypsy and World Beat. While this CD may sound a little eclectic, it works; Edgar is of the opinion that there are only two types of music: good and bad. Edgar is supported by Maurice Houston –bass/vocals, Stevie Doyle -guitar, Kevin O'Connell -keyboards, Inderjeet Sidhu -drums/tabla, Sarah Alexander -cello and Michael Levin -saxophone/Flute/ Clarinet, David Rush -drums/percussion and Scott Mason –double bass. You can read their individual bios at: Despite its tongue and cheek title, there are quite a few tracks appropriate for jazz radio. Here are 6 of them. Track 2: “There is No Sun Today” music by Edgar Gabriel Edgar wrote this bossa-nova, after not seeing the sun for weeks during a long Chicago winter. Track 4: “Mobile” music by Edgar Gabriel. This world music beat is fused with Latin jazz. Track 5: “I Knew That” music by Kevin O’Connell. Keyboardist Kevin O’Connell wrote this great jazz tune reminiscent of post bop Thelonius Monk. Track 6: “Blue 7” music by Kevin O’Connell. A great slow blues by Kevin. Track 9: “Farewell to a Friend” music by Edgar Gabriel A slow jazz waltz dedicated to bassist Andy Bastounes. Track 10: “Renaissance Man” music by Edgar Gabriel. This gypsy jazz tune was written for Edgar’s good friend, jazz violinist Johnny Frigo the true Renaissance Man. Johnny passed away on July 4th 2007 at the age of 90. Some jazz might find the opening track of the CD, a thematic funk tune entitled “Fat Chance on a Friday Afternoon”, by Winston Damon to be appropriate for their format. With the exception of two tracks, “Not Radio Material” is an instrumental CD. Guests vocalist Mauree’ lends her wonderful sultry voice to Track 4: “Would You Be My Valentine” an R&B ballad written by Edgar Gabriel, and Track 8: with backup vocals on “Train Blues”. The other two tracks are written by Edgar Gabriel, Track 7: "Nose Bleed" is a heavy rock blues, and Track 11: "Happy World Mix" is aptly named for its mix of Eastern and Western instruments and sounds.
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