Sheet Music - "Blue Bows" for String Ensemble

is an ensemble arrangement for String Orchestra or String Quartet of a Jazz Blues in the book “String Groove, Ideas For Improvising.” The piece requires jazz swing blues improvisation in G. Grade 2.5 Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Violin 3(viola), Viola, Cello, String Bass Blue Bows is a 12 bar swing jazz blues. This is the string ensemble version of the third song in “String Groove - Ideas For Improvising”. There are two sections for improvised solos C and E. The G Blues scale is provided in all parts and score to help the improvising student. All double stops are optional, however playing the double stop pizzicato sections in the violin and viola parts is ideal when the player holds their instrument in their lap (guitarstyle) and plucks with the thumb, striking the lower string first to simulate guitar strumming. Recordings and play-along to practice improvisation for Blue Bows is found on the String Groove Cd: tracks 3 (listen) and 16 (play along). For convenience, the Cd is online in a hidden website at: More ideas for improvising on this Jazz Blues can be found in the “String Groove - Ideas For Improvising Book”. Watch Lincoln High School Orchestra with Edgar Gabriel u perform “Blue Bows”. Look at Score Sample A String Groove® Ensemble "Blue Bows" Written by Edgar Gabriel ©2000, This arrangement ©2009 Publisher Edgar Gabriel Inc., Arlington Heights. IL 60005 USA
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