Sheet Music - "Brother Ray" for String Ensemble

"Brother Ray" is a 16 Bar Blues. It is inspired by Ray Charles, whom Edgar Gabriel had the honor to work with in the 1990’s. The score is for Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Viola, Cello 1, Cello 2 and Double Bass. The piece was originally written for String Quartet and can be performed as such when the Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Cello 1 parts are performed together and all double stops are played. When performing with a string ensemble, double stops are not necessary and the parts can be divided. Not all of the parts in the score are necessary for the full ensemble The Violin 3 part is essentially the top line of the Viola and the Cello 2 part is the bottom line of the viola part. If there are no violas, Violin 3 and Cello 2 parts should be used. Otherwise they are not necessary. Brother Ray is best performed with improvisation. The easiest improvising suggestions are as follows: Use G Blues: G Bb C Db D F G or G minor pentatonic (same as G Blues without the Db) for the first 8 bars and G Major scale for the second 8 bars. Watch Lincoln High School Orchestra with Edgar Gabriel perform "Brother Ray" Look at Score Sample A String Groove® Ensemble "Brother Ray" Written by Edgar Gabriel ©1994, This arrangement ©2009 Publisher Edgar Gabriel Inc., Arlington Heights. IL 60005 USA
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